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You know what’s awkward? When you’re imagining doing something like your about to go to class and you’re daydreaming about how it’ll go, what you’ll say.

You’re doing this while you’re in the shower or on the toilet or something.

Then your daydream gets mixed with your reality and suddenly you’re imagining yourself wet and naked in class or taking a dump while working. Then you feel that much more awkward.

My imagination is dangerous sometimes.

This is what happens when I don't know what to do an hour before work.

Peace out and God bless.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Are You A Hypnotist??-The Flaming Lips
  • Reading: Homestuck and NanQuest
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing atm
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Hot Cocoa…

Okay but why are you eating a whole handful then?

Maybe you just wanted to eat all of the M&M’s at once but that increases the risk. Eat just one or two at a time. It’s healthier that way (you know, don’t eat too fast, especially junk food). There’s less of a risk of being poisoned and even if you do get one poison one, that’s a risk you have to take. It’s a hell of a lot better than grabbing a handful and getting five poisoned ones. You already knew that some of the M&M’s are poison after all.

In order for the analogy to make more sense though lets say this is just all food in general. After all, humans don’t subsist on candy, nor is it a valuable source of nutrition, so comparing the entire male population to candy is ridiculous.

Back to the point though, you could meet someone very important to you. Whether it be a romantic partner or a totally awesome friend if you take the risk. Or would you rather just cut that chance out completely?

This analogy essentially means “a smaller percentage of these people are bad so let’s just cut them ALL out so we don’t ever get hurt”

I support feminist ideals (though I wouldn’t call myself a feminist), and I’m all for equality and I DO realize that there are a lot of men out there who are a problem. I don’t like to jump on the “NOT ALL MEN” thing either cause that makes me sound like some entitled jerk who thinks the whole thing is about me…

But this analogy is completely ridiculous is all I’m saying.

Now please don’t kill me over this, I just wanted to speak my mind. Feel free to discuss any counter points with me, I won’t bite your head off. I’m willing to listen but PLEASE don’t just attack me over this if you disagree with anything I’ve said.

(Copied from a tumblr rant I did)

Peace out and God bless.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Knives Out-Radiohead
  • Reading: Homestuck and NanQuest
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. FOR WII U
  • Eating: Toast
  • Drinking: Hot Cocoa

It's been a little while since I had a journal methinks but I just wanted to share this and I don't know if I did on dA yet but this song is incredible.
Modest Mouse has one of the strangest vocalists I've ever heard but he's so expressive and this song has such an awesome build-up and the softer bridge section of the song is really emotional.
Not to mention some FANTASTIC lyrics. "Every time you think you're walking you're just moving the ground, every time you think you're talking you're just moving your mouth, every time you think you're looking you're just looking down..."

Not much else to say. Two classes left and got final stuff to do then I can get back to doing things I wanna do for a while. Got gift art to work on but I'm thinking there won't be as much this year due to lack of time and energy.

Peace out and God bless.
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Cowboy Dan-Modest Mouse
  • Reading: Homestuck and NanQuest
  • Watching: Over the Garden Wall
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. FOR WII U
  • Eating: Cereal
  • Drinking: Milk
Hugggg by Mister-Saturn
And you thought I forgot about these guys.

I'll get to the comic eventually I swear, but first I have another comic project in the works and school and stuff.

Ani and Pike (c) :iconmister-saturn:
Release Me by Mister-Saturn
Release Me
I tried to do my first panel redraw and I'm quite happy with it!
I also found my new favorite SAI brush hahahaa.…

"I've indulged you long enough. Now, no more questions. No more talk. You have to die. 
You have to release me."

Nanquest and characters (c) Weaver
Art (c) :iconmister-saturn:

You know what’s awkward? When you’re imagining doing something like your about to go to class and you’re daydreaming about how it’ll go, what you’ll say.

You’re doing this while you’re in the shower or on the toilet or something.

Then your daydream gets mixed with your reality and suddenly you’re imagining yourself wet and naked in class or taking a dump while working. Then you feel that much more awkward.

My imagination is dangerous sometimes.

This is what happens when I don't know what to do an hour before work.

Peace out and God bless.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Are You A Hypnotist??-The Flaming Lips
  • Reading: Homestuck and NanQuest
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing atm
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Hot Cocoa

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United States
:star:Wanna chat?:star:
Dis my chatroom if you wanna chat => My dA chatroom:…

Hello all you dA users. I am mrsaturn123 or Jesse to my friends.

I'm 21 years old, I sit around at home a lot, wash dishes at a local restaurant and happen to be a huge geek.

Things you should know about me is I'm sometimes a complicated person and sometimes I'm not. However I'm very friendly and approachable...when you talk to me first. I'm not the best at just talking to people myself but when someone approaches me first I love to talk.

So if you wish to talk to me and be my friend then go ahead, I'll talk to anyone.
But I warn you I'm slow with messages but please don't take that as I'm ignoring you.

I'm also a webcomic artist and when I'm feeling up to it I update my webcomic, sChIzO, about a schizophrenic cat trying to live in the adult world. I have a host of other projects I'd like to get done as well as I feel I can get them done so stick around!
I used to draw lots of fanart, but not so much anymore. Every now and then I will however and you can see a huge list of fandoms I love below my journal.
I'm OBSESSED with music, though I tend to be a bit picky. I have a list of bands/artists with some favorite songs by them also below my journal if you'd like to see. I tend to love some strange music though so be warned.
I'm a bit of a furry, not completely but I have a tendency to draw lots of anthro characters and I really like their designs.
My interests are also very...ranged. I love anything from Mario, to the dark comic book series "The Amory Wars", to silly cartoons like Kid vs. Kat.

Also last but not least everyone who knows me MUST KNOW, that I am a Christian. I'm not a perfect Christian but I'm doing my best and struggling my way through the growing pains of becoming a follower of Christ and though you may not agree with me this is what I believe in.
I won't try and force it on you but I refuse to keep it to myself as well.
So please be respectful of this.

Have a nice day. I'll be working on this section some more as time goes on.

GAME I LOVE: Super Mario, EarthBound/Mother, Zelda, Smash Bros., Star Fox, Animal Crossing, Sly Cooper, Okami, Little Tail Bronx (Tail Concerto and Solatorobo), OFF

COMIC SERIES I LOVE: The Amory Wars, Kill Audio, Bittersweet Candy Bowl, TwoKinds, Slightly Damned, Dreamkeepers, Homestuck

TV/CARTOON SERIES I LOVE: Adventure Time, Supernatural, Doctor Who

OTHER SERIES I LOVE: Ruby Quest, Nan Quest, Dive Quest, There She Is!!

BANDS I LISTEN TO: Coheed and Cambria, The Prize Fighter Inferno, mewithoutYou, Radiohead, Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace, Thrice, Brand New, Manchester Orchestra, Right Away Great Captain!, The Dear Hunter, The Flaming Lips, Bon Iver, Primus, dredg, Deftones, Showbread, Muse, Listener, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Mars Volta, Swans, Anberlin, Rush, At The Drive-In, System of a Down, Serj Tankian, Sunny Day Real Estate, Jeremy Enigk, O'Brother, Sigur Ros, Slint, Balance & Composure, Incubus, This Heat, Dinosaur Jr.

:star:Current Projects::star:
-sChIzO (always in progress)
-Secret Stuff
-Christmas Pen Art





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The-Insignia Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey fag, stop doing faggy fanart about your faggy interests. 

Homestuck sucks.

so does your art. 

Preston-Kei Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a weekly journal that I like to put comics into in order to make it feel more like a newspaper. So far I've put mostly my comics in it but I'd like to mix it up a little with something more.... Well, my comics are pretty good, but I'd like to have something more interesting and clever to feature.
Could I put your comic in my journal? You'll probably get some watchers from me when I do it.
Mister-Saturn Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah sure! I don't mind, if anything it's exposure haha.
I'm flattered you think it's that good though ;v;
Preston-Kei Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha, it's no problem ^.^
It'll be posted January 5th. Thanks for the permission ^.^
Purrlstar Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooooh, hello!
I just stumbled across your art in someone's favourites and i'm pretty darn happy to have found it, your little comic about cats was great and I feel like I could learn a lot about drawing from observing what you do. :D
I'm gonna go find your sChIzO comic and read it next, but I just wanted to stop by and say hello as I've just begun watching you, and we seem to have a lot in common! 
Mister-Saturn Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi hi hi!
Oh geeze thankyou I'm glad you like my art that means a lot ;v;
I took a peek at your gallery too and I'm gonna go through more thoroughly and comment but your art style is adorable and just ;alksjf
Oh man I hope you like it!
And thankyou for the watch I'm gonna watch you back too ;v; Feel free to drop a comment any time and say hello and everything
Purrlstar Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! 
So just after posting that first comment I snooped around and stalked your sChIzO comic, it was very good~!
I read the entire thing over a few hours and I really enjoyed it >w> Though I do have a few comments/suggestions for you about it, I just didn't want to infringe on your idea if you weren't open to critiques, or already knew about what I was going to say! (I didn't read any of the comments on the pages or anything, though I probably should have xD) Thinking of the story as a standalone thing, and since its in haitus now, I wasn't sure if it was alright to just go ahead and expand on ideas you might already know to tweak by now, or if you were still accepting regardless of if its something you would fix?... if you know what I mean?
Anyways, as far as positive comments go I really love the characters a lot! your ability to pull the readers into a normal day-in-the-life comic is great, it reminded me a lot of something you could find in a newspaper comics section, and also reminded me a bit of that old webcomic I read once called concessions? I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I was curious if yours had been perhaps inspired by it?  Again, your art style is great and the development on your characters is very evident with the way you draw them, I really liked reading your comic and though I'm sad there's not MORE for me to read, I hope you can take care of the things you need to do while the comic is on haitus and I'll happily follow it in the future for sure! ^u^ 

Aaah, Thank you for the watch-back! I'm actually not someone who goes out of her comfort zone to comment on things that often, unless of course I REALLY have something to say, but if you enjoy feedback I'll make a mental note to keep an eye out for anything I could possibly share with ya! I'm just much more of a thoughtful-critique type of commenter, but I just don't want to step over my boundaries by pointing out my opinion on things that could be changed all the time, because I most certainly wouldn't want to give the wrong impression of being a pessimist, or even someone who's out to catch you on your weak side... If that makes sense.

As far as watching me goes... The only thing I think you should know is that everything in my gallery is heavily revolved around my own characters and stories. However there is a fandom-related thing that breaches the security all too frequently, and that is The Yogscast. Most people have never heard of them, but they're basically just a bunch of youtube gamers. I've got a folder for all that art specifically too so, if you're ever not sure if it's my character or one of those guys, you can just check the folder! Also, I'm currently in the (slow) process of revamping my entire DA page, so you're probably gonna get a lot of introductory and other things coming to your inbox from me, so I guess that you've got pretty good timing? xD 

I'm always welcome to comments too, I just have a hard time replying to them sometimes. Generally if I can't think of something to say right away after reading, I'll probably never respond at all ^^;
hopefully that's not too intimidating.. but again, thank you very much for the watch! I still need to go through and stalk your gallery a bit more, but I do really love your characters and your art style is very good so, I'll keep an eye out for your new stuff, and drop a comment every once and a while! :dummy:
Mister-Saturn Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
(Here comes the super late reply!!!! Sorry bout that hahaa)

Oh wow thankyou ;v;
I don't mind if you have any critiques or suggestions, I'm open to them all! sChIzO was essentially me testing the waters of the webcomic medium so  any suggestions help. I need to prepare for my next webcomic anyway so I can take any criticism into consideration before I start drawing and writing the next thing.
Geeze I'm glad you think so ;asf;lk. I tried my best to focus on making the characters interesting seeing as the world they inhabit is pretty...normal haha.
I have heard of Consessions and I read the beginning but that was a while after I started sChIzO xD. The inspirations mostly came from Bittersweet Candy Bowl, The Same Apartment and VG Cats (mostly in art style though for that one).
But seriously thankyou, that means a lot. I'm glad to know you enjoyed it that much ;v; sChIzo will probably not come back for a while but I will be having future comics too as I said above haha.

Of course! I still need to do a proper look through your gallery though (school, work and holidays have really got me all busy but that ends soon). Haha don't worry about being out of line or anything, critique is always welcome as long as it's constructive. And yeah if you don't know what to comment either that's cool, I'm horrible about commenting : D ; I always mean to but can't always think of anything.
I'll leave that up to you what you say in any future comments though, but I assure you I won't bite if you have any constructive criticism UvU

That's cool though! Original stuff is always interesting!
From glancing through your gallery I figured it was mostly that!
Never hear of Yogscast though nah but that's cool XD
I post some pretty obscure fanart sometimes so I gotcha
and haha I guess that would be good timing then yeah xD

That's all right that's what I figured XD
That's what I'm like.
Yeah sorry for the late reply, the huge comment threw me off a bit and then I kind of put off replying for a bit cause of being busy OvO ;
But anyhow thankyou!
crazypsychomonkey Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014
*throws a link at you*
Mister-Saturn Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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